How To Get Best Idea And Tips To Decorate Room

Once you have acquired your house, the next thing that comes into your head is on how to make the home more
attractive than you found it. You might think on how to decorate your whole house or a particular room;

be it your bedroom or sitting room.

Some people can choose to hire a professional decorator to do it while others can opt of doing it on their own. So, what are some of the ideas for decorating your room?

Here is a list of some of the ideas for decorating your home. Most of them are those that you can do on your own without incurring an extra cost that comes with a hired professional home decorator.

Your first have to determine the theme color you want to have in the room. When you come to decorating the room,
there must be a message you want to get delivered by the decorations you are going to put in the place.

You might decide to have more than one theme in one room.

The room’s theme is going to determine the best color to use. For example, if the room is going to be used mostly by girls, pink is considered more girlish.

Other themes that you would be looking forward to having in the room might include sports or music enthusiasts, safari/ jungle theme among others.

When selecting on the paint that you are going to use on the walls, ensure that it is not all that bright  such that it might give the occupants a headache. Still on the color, it shouldn’t be that dark that it makes the room
look gloomy.

You can seek the advice and views of an expert when purchasing the paint so as to have the correct color that ends
giving you the best texture you wanted.

If you are not an expert when it comes to blending colors, or you are not engaging the services of a professional decor, it’s always recommended that you keep it as simple as possible. A simple pattern in your room done well
may bring some life to your room. You might also not have enough resources to that major decoration but just using
what you have in the room might bring that difference in your room. Some of the techniques to use might include
playing around with the patterns in the room.

Make use of the washi tape on both your bookshelves as well as on some tiles. It gives them a new look that is attractive and yet not costly. The washi tape is a colored paper tape that just like painter’s tape is suitable for temporarily decorating your room. The tape gives an attractive layout on both the bookshelves and the tiles. It’s a new best friend to homeowners when it comes to decorating their homes.

So as to bring some natural touch and to feel into your room, you can bring in some potted plants in the room and place them in selected areas within the room. They won’t only bring some nature into the room but will also
bring more life and air in the room. However, this should not be overdone, and you should also consider the size
of the room. A few potted plants will be suitable for your room.

Make use of the available items you have at your disposal. For example, in case you have an empty dustbin that you
are not using, and it’s in good shape, you can turn it a makeshift table for placing some flower vessels or light flower pots. You just need to paint it with the theme color and then put it upside down, and it will correctly
make your room more attractive, and this comes with a very little cost.

For the empty milk tins and other small tins in your room, turn them to be a valuable decoration tools by using
them for pen and toothbrush storage. Instead of the pens, pencils and other stationery lying all over the floor, get the
tins and arrange them in a perfect pattern that makes the room have a decorative touch in the long run.

Make your room more attractive by placing some electric tea light candles in jars. They not only light up the room
but make it decorative. You can use different colors of the pots to make the room more decorated. Place the jars
strategically to emit the light in such a way that they reflect a real combination of the theme color. Light brightens
a room and instead of using the bulbs to light up your room, use these candles to light the room and at the same
time making it more decorated.

The use of twinkle lights can transform your room and make it more attractive and make it trimmed. The lights
can be made to have different colors that reflect on the wall from where they are hanging from in the room.
Youcan use these twinkle lights to illuminate your photos. They decorate the room in a splendid way once done
in an orderly way. You can break from the norm where people associate these lights with holidays.

Get a unique dry branch and turn it into a decorative jewelry holder. The different jewelry hanging on this branch will make the room attractive and having jewelry of different colors will add that taste
on the hanging. You can form a pattern with the branch and the jewelry to make it more decorative and eye-catching.

Make use of floor cushions to make your room more attractive and decorateit as you provide some additional seating. You might decide to buy a few cushions or even make your own to go with the color you wish
to decorate the room within the long-run. In making your cushions, cut strips of colorful fabric and then have
them sewn into large fabric cushions. They not only provide extra sitting that is comfy but they also add some
decorations in the room.

When it comes to having your room decorated and getting ideas for decorating your room, your taste matters a lot,
and you must stick to the theme that you want for your room. There might be some ideas that will require the opinion of an expert, but most of them are the ones that you can undertake on your own.

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