Sunday, October 17, 2010

“The Skirted Roundtable”, McAlpine ,Lutyens ......WOW !!

It’s Sunday and I’m sitting at my desk pricing out a kitchen and listening to a Bobby McAlpine interview on “The Skirted Roundtable”. (Yes we are busy while other K&B businesses are shutting their doors).
McAlpine mentioned that one of the architects he was inspired by was English architect Edwin Lutyens and also Drogo Castle designed by Lutyens. A little sleuthing on the internet led me to these photos…Wow!
The kitchen designed by Lutyens in Drogo Castle. The project was designed in 1911 and finished in 1930.
The island in the pictures below was fabricated by “Robert & James Adam” from Axminster England. It is an exactly replica of the Drogo Castle kitchen island.
The home pictured was Lutyens only work in the U.S. The British ambassador's residence in Washington D.C. designed in 1928.


  1. Thanks for the SRT shoutout! And that kitchen island is spectacular, isn't it?

  2. We're glad you enjoyed Bobby's interview. We actually copied that island for a project in Nashville.

  3. Hello, just been updating our website and stumbled across your blog. Very surprised and pleased to see our table here, glad you like our work! Would be happy to make contact, check out our website, ,our last project might be of interest to you, it included a Lutyens inspired staircase and 16ft table, both of which we designed and made. Regards Robert.