Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Louis Sullivan Documentary comes to St. Louis

The Documentary "Louis Sullivan: The Struggle for American Architecture" comes to St. Louis!
I've been waiting for this film to come to St. Louis. It has been touring the country for some time. It will be showing Sunday November 14th at the HI-POINTE Theater.
The architectural firm of Adler & Sullivan built four projects in St. Louis and three of them still stand. Frank Lloyd Wright and George Elmslie worked on these projects as young Draftsmen.
St. Louis is also home of "The Sullivan Collection" at SIUE in Edwardsville and the St. Louis Library owns the original tracings of the Wainwright Tomb.
I'll be front row center....can't wait!!!


  1. K. I'm totally green with envy. Did you see My Architect about Louis Khan by his son? If not you must. It's fantastic on so many different levels.

  2. Haven't had a chance but I know about it. On my to do list.
    My understanding is that his son didn't know him too well.
    Its strange how guys like Sullivan and Wright had such bad personal lives.